Assisted NC businesses in winning 2,232 contracts valued up to $24.62 billion

6150010916708, 06F AIRCRAFT, HERCULES C-130, 19F, 53N ; 5995011950153 37A BRADLEY, 5JA M2A4;6150012581202 DVA COLLECTIVE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT; 6150t014309752 26F F-16 AIRCRAFT, A4F DRONE; 6150016141738 C3M LIGHT ARMORED VEHI, C4M; 6150016174070

NCMBC Representative: Joe Tew, Organization: DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY (DLA) Sub-organization: DLA AVIATION State: VA Location: Richmond Projected year(s): 2023-2028 Projected Date/Quarter: Q4 2023 Industry: ADVANCED MANUFACTURING AND MATERIALS

Project Number: SPE4A6-23-R-0357

NCMBC Representative: Joe Tew –


Sub-Organization: DLA AVIATION

State: VA

Location: Richmond

Projected Years: 2023-2028

Quarters: Q4 2023

Naics: 334419

Procurement Method: Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)

Budget:TBD to TBD

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