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Description: Riverine Airboats capable of: – Ingress/egress/conduct surface based patrolling, surveillance, and deterrence in restricted waterway environments. – Freely navigate, maneuver and operate within and across restricted waterway environments. This includes tight turns at high speeds, operating in rocky shallow water and deep water. – Transporting Law Enforcement Officers, cargo, equipment, detainees, individuals and towing other vessels. – Daytime only use. ***NOTE: THIS IS A FOLLOW-ON TO PREVIOUSLY RELEASED APFS RECORD (#F2017035771). THIS IS NOT A COMPETITIVE REQUIREMENT. THIS RECORD IS ISSUED FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF MODIFYING AN EXISTING IDIQ CONTRACT TO INCREASE THE QUANTITY AND CEILING AMOUNT. A J&A WILL BE POSTED TO BETASAM.GOV TO SUPPORT THIS ACTION.

NCMBC Representative: Sub-organization: CBP/Air and Marine Projected year(s): Q4 2024
Project Number: F2021053048 NAICS Code: 336612 Procurement Method: None Maximum budget: $

Project Number:F2021053048

NCMBC Representative:


Sub-Organization:CBP/Air and Marine



Projected Years:Q4 2024



Procurement Method:None

Budget:$2M to $5M

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