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To procure labor, supervision, tools, materials, parts, equipment, transportation, licenses, permits, certifications and management necessary to perform repairs and improvement services for Tactical Infrastructure (TI) assets in support of the CBP Tactical Infrastructure Portfolio. The majority of the technical support requirement will focus on tasks of maintenance, repair and improvement services specifically, performing activities for repairing the TI real property portfolio within the Tuscon Sectors in Arizona and in conjunction with CBP activities associated with border fences, buildings, structures, towers and access roads along the southwestern U.S./Mexico International border. Maintenance includes work required to preserve real property or equipment in such a condition that it may be effectively utilized for its designated purpose. The term includes work undertaken to prevent damage and/or failure that otherwise would be more costly to restore. Repairs include work to restore an existing asset to pre-existing condition and level of performance so that it may be effectively utilized for its designated purpose. Improvements include work that enhances the mission and functional capabilities of an asset through an addition, expansion, or adaptation. Any improvements included in this work effort will be confined to the existing TI footprint.

NCMBC Representative: Sub-organization: CBP/BP Projected year(s): Q3 2021
Project Number: F2020050045 NAICS Code: 238990 Procurement Method: 8(a) Maximum budget: $

Project Number:F2020050045

NCMBC Representative:





Projected Years:Q3 2021



Procurement Method:8(a)

Budget:$50M to $100M

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