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The Border Security Deployment Program (BSDP) provides critical surveillance capabilities to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to support border security and safety mission goals primarily at U.S. Land Ports of Entry (LPOEs). The deployed Centralized Area Surveillance System (CAVSS) is in operation to support these goals and is composed of cameras, microphones, sensors, network equipment, monitors, workstations, and digital recording devices. CBP is seeking contract support services for BSDP to continue to maintain the operational and performance levels of the capability. BSDP requires technology refreshment for the purpose of enhancing, upgrading, improving, and /or replacing equipment to enable CBP to achieve cost-savings and to improve border security operations. The implementation of technology refreshment may involve technology or security upgrades, renewals, refreshes, and standardization of equipment to enable optimal hardware and software performance. BSDP also requires design and deployment support to take all actions necessary to define, design, develop, test, implement and fully integrate new capabilities in response to newly identified threats and the evolving CBP mission, with consideration of minimal cost impact for sustainment. These new deployments are conducted in desired locations to meet operational requirements. Acquisition Strategy: BPA

NCMBC Representative: Sub-organization: CBP/OIT/ENTS Projected year(s): Q4 2021
Project Number: F2021053257 NAICS Code: 541512 Procurement Method: None Maximum budget: $

Project Number:F2021053257

NCMBC Representative:





Projected Years:Q4 2021



Procurement Method:None

Budget:Over $100M

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