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Provide professional expertise necessary to maintain and support a diverse assembly of integrated sensors, air movement data, data processing, video data and telecommunications systems relating to the Air and Marine Operations Surveillance System (AMOSS) and the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems (ISR Systems) that is designated as the Air and Marine Command and Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems. The AMOSS and ISR Systems include a mixture of hardware and software applications necessary to operate at peak efficiency, 24 hours/365(366) days a year, to include weekends and holidays. Project Management: Ability to manage, control, and maintain required staffing to support all tasking associated with C4I. Availability to government staff and counterparts. -Telecommunications: Expertise in various means of telecommunications i.e. UHF/VHF Radio controls and systems, Telephone systems digital/analog, Communication Panels, Video Teleconferencing, Wireless Comm, Radio/Landline recording systems, Conference bridges, PA systems, Fiber transport systems, Various office type IT and Communication equipment. -Maintenance: Systems administrative and electronic technician level support 24/7 for all C4I and support equipment and systems. -Technical Documentation and Library Maintenance: Ability to maintain current all AMOSS and ISR Systems related data, publications, and manuals. -Logistical Support: Ability to maintain and track all government assets associated with the C4I, and AMOC IT assets. -Configuration Management: Ability to maintain IT and Communications systems in an approved configuration state. Administrative capability to monitor track change requests initiation through completion. -Expansion and Reconfiguration: Expertise and ability to expand upon or reconfigure as needed for the AMOSS and ISR Systems providing expanded capabilities, support new technologies, address new and compelling requirements, or equipment moves and upgrades

NCMBC Representative: Sub-organization: CBP/Air and Marine Projected year(s): Q4 2021
Project Number: F2020051571 NAICS Code: 541511 Procurement Method: None Maximum budget: $

Project Number:F2020051571

NCMBC Representative:


Sub-Organization:CBP/Air and Marine



Projected Years:Q4 2021



Procurement Method:None

Budget:$50M to $100M

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